Implant Treatment

Dental implant applications are the process of inserting titanium screws developed to imitate the tooth root into the jawbone in order to fill the cavities that occur due to tooth loss. 

Implants that replace the tooth root in the area with a cavity allow fixed prosthesis treatments to be planned without the need to perform operations on the dental tissues adjacent to the area. 

In necessary cases, it acts as a support to ensure that the movable prostheses can be used more comfortably, eliminating the stabilization problem, which is the most important disadvantage of the movable prosthesis, to a high extent. 

Although implant application can be performed at any age after the development of the jaw bones is completed, it is important to plan implant treatment as soon as possible after tooth loss. If long-term treatment is not performed in the region, problems such as melting of the jawbone, toppling of neighboring teeth or lengthening of the teeth located on the opposite jaw may occur, which may become an obstacle to providing the ideal implant treatment in later periods.

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