Smile Design

Smile design; It is a set of treatments planned for people who are not satisfied with the visual appearance of their teeth and smile, covering all aesthetic applications. In this context, pink aesthetics, teeth whitening, zirconium or glass ceramic coatings, porcelain lamina and bonding applications can be performed. 

The aim of smile design is for the individual to gain a more beautiful, healthy, aesthetic appearance of the mouth and teeth. With the development of technologies used in dentistry, more precise and predictable results have started to be achieved in smile design. 

What is Smile Design?

Smile design refers to a number of procedures performed to achieve an aesthetic smile. Arrangements are made on the color of the teeth, the size of the teeth is reshaped, if there are tooth gaps, they are closed, if there are gums or dental problems, they are solved. With smile design, teeth are treated in terms of health and a smile is provided in harmony in terms of aesthetics. 

In smile design, procedures suitable for the facial structure of the person are performed. The person's tooth structure is customized according to their aesthetic goals. A different treatment plan is created for each individual. Smile design offers a more beautiful, healthy and attractive smile to people with aesthetic concerns.

Types of Smile Design

Smile design includes different types of smiles. The smile is selected according to the patient. Procedures are performed accordingly. Smile design types include attractive smile, intellectual smile, sporty smile. In some of these types, the front teeth are more prominent, in others the lower part of the face is more prominent.



Which Procedures are Applied in Smile Design?

The procedures performed in smile design can include all dental treatments. It is determined according to the needs of the person and the procedures are performed in a certain order. First, dental health is improved, and then requests related to aesthetic appearance are realized. The following procedures can be performed in smile design.

  • Tooth whitening
  • Ceramic coatings
  • Porcelain laminated
  • Zirconium coating
  • Orthodontic treatment
  • Gum aesthetics
  • Filling for decayed or broken teeth

How is Smile Design Application Performed?

When we enter into aesthetic studies in smile design application, it is very important to understand the patient's expectations well. A functionally useful treatment process should be planned as well as the aim of achieving a visually aesthetic result.
As in all treatments, gingival health should be the first priority in smile design. Afterwards, bridge, veneer, bonding or lamina planning can be made according to the needs of the patient. Smile design applications are a set of treatments that should be planned specifically for each patient.

What Should Be Considered in Smile Design?

Detailed examination of the patient and smile analysis are of great importance before starting the procedures in smile design. The patient's face shape, lip thickness, smile line, dental arch width, crowding or gaps in the teeth, upper and lower jaw relationships should be carefully examined and photographic records should be taken. 
While designing the smile, care should be taken to ensure that the patient's teeth exhibit an aesthetically harmonious appearance. The color of the teeth should be whitened to match the skin color of the person. The naturalness of the teeth should be preserved. Care should be taken to renew the teeth and gums in proportion. Ultimately, it is important to achieve a natural smile in dental design.



Is It Possible to See the Finished Teeth Beforehand?

Thanks to the developing technology and laboratory systems, it is now possible to see the final finished state of the teeth by transferring them into the mouth before starting the procedure. This process is called "mock up", which allows us to see the finished state of the teeth by transferring the preparatory procedures made on the impression taken from the initial state of the teeth into the mouth. After the mock up work is transferred to the mouth, it is evaluated together with the patient, necessary arrangements are made in line with the patient's wishes and the finishing stage is started.

How Much Does Smile Design Cost?

In smile design, pricing varies according to the type of treatment planned for the patient. In some cases, the patient can get the smile he/she expects only with teeth whitening, while in some cases, a more detailed prosthetic planning is needed. You can contact us to get information about smile design prices.

How many sessions does smile design take?

The necessary information and measurements of the patient to be designed are taken in the first session. In the second session, the prepared smile design procedure is performed.

Is smile design permanent?

Smile design is a procedure for a permanent, aesthetic appearance made individually.

Is it healthy to have a smile design?

Smile design does not involve any harm. It does not harm the natural state of the teeth, on the contrary, it improves dental health.

What should be considered after smile design?

It is necessary to take care of dental health after smile design. Foods that will discolor teeth should be consumed less. Care should be taken when eating hard foods. 

Why is smile design important?

Smile design is made in accordance with your teeth and mouth structure. It has a positive effect on your appearance and helps you to be more confident.

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